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January 20, 201808:30 PM
Pinball is alive and well in Las Vegas at the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum. Pinball is alive and well in Las Vegas. Visit the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum to experience pinball games
Visit the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum to experience pinball games in a way that many people have forgotten. With over ...
January 20, 201805:43 PM
Shop available real estate in Centennial Hills Las Vegas. #lasvegas #realestate
January 20, 201803:44 PM
Shop 4 Bedroom Homes in North Las Vegas - All Single Story! #Las Vegas #Real Estate
January 20, 201811:53 AM
🏡 Free Things To Do in Las Vegas | [Lori Ballen 2018] Unless you’re winning big at the casinos, or betting big and getting complimentary swag, Las Vegas can be an expensive city to visit. Restaurants, shows, nightclubs, gaming, and attractions can add-up quicker than you can say “Black Jack”
Unless you’re ...
January 19, 201811:44 PM
Quail Ridge is a gated community near 215 and Far Hills in The Arbors Village of Summerlin. It's in Northwest Las V…
January 19, 201808:30 PM
The Adventuredome in Las Vegas - Things to Do with Kids Since its opening in 1993, the Adventuredome has entertained adults and kids with its variety of rides, carnival and arcade games, laser tag, and bowling.
Since its opening in 1993, the Adventuredome has entertained adults and kids with its variety ...
January 19, 201805:43 PM
Red Bluffs at the Crossing is a gated condo community in The Crossing Village at Summerlin. It’s in the Northwest a…
January 19, 201805:06 PM
Is it better to sell or rent out a house with no mortgage to buy... It's an important decision to consider carefully. Which is truly the best investiment?
We discuss options here:
Some homeowners choose to live in their paid-off homes, while others decide between selling or renting out their current house, with no mortgage.
January 19, 201803:44 PM
Canyon Terrace is a gated neighborhood in The Canyons at Summerlin. This area has a zip code of 89144 and is consi…
January 19, 201812:00 PM
Facebook Business Pages will be the “brand” websites of the near future. Early Adopters will win BIG! With FB recom…
January 19, 201811:53 AM
🏡 Battlefield Vegas | [Lori Ballen 2018] Battlefield Vegas is Las Vegas’ #1 shooting range. Located behind Circus Circus on The Strip, Battlefield Vegas is more than an average gun range.
👉🏻 Battlefield Vegas. Las Vegas Real Estate at and save your favorite properties. Lori Ballen ...
January 19, 201807:29 AM
My answer to What does Google really want? Everybody talks about SEO, etc., but Google, what does he want?
January 18, 201811:44 PM
In this 18 minute video and step by step written guide, you’ll learn how to use the Facebook Carousel Ads to showca…
January 18, 201808:30 PM
M&M's World Candy Factory - Must see Things to Do in Las Vegas M&M’s World in Las Vegas is a 28,000 square foot, four level tribute to the colorful candy-coated chocolates. Design your own M & M candies, purchase apparel, or get other souvenirs from this delicious and delightful monument to M & ...
January 18, 201805:43 PM
By default, Facebook now selects where your ad shows based on your ad objective. If you want to deselect these opti…
January 18, 201811:53 AM
Getting a Loan after a Foreclosure [Fannie Mae Guidelines] It used to be that you had to wait four years after going through a bankruptcy or short sale before you could attempt to get approved for a mortgage, but that isn’t the case any longer.
👉🏻 Fannie Mae Guidelines ...
January 17, 201808:30 PM
Can you Sell a House on Ebay? Is it Safe? | Lori Ballen Team You can sell a house on eBay. You can sell anything on eBay. As with other items on this site, keep in mind this variation on an old adage “buyer beware, seller beware.”
You can sell a house on eBay. ...
January 17, 201811:53 AM
🏡 How does a Short Sale Work in Las Vegas? | [Lori Ballen 2018] A short sale is a process in which the sale of a property occurs, with the lenders permission, for less than the outstanding loan obligations on the property. This allows the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and the dark stain on ...
January 16, 201808:30 PM
🏡 Top Tips for Creating an Energy-Efficient Home | [Lori Ballen 2018] Regardless of whether your home is newly built or has seen generations of people pass through its doors, it is important – for many reasons – to ensure that your house is designed to save energy and money for you ...
January 16, 201811:53 AM
🏡 Offering Seller Financing when Selling a House | [Lori Ballen 2018] It seems a bit counterintuitive for someone who is home to allow a buyer to pay over time for their property with seller financing. After all, wouldn’t it be better to get all the money in one go thereby requiring ...
January 15, 201808:30 PM
Baby Boomers are Buying Las Vegas Condos - Here's Why! After decades of working and raising children, many baby boomers are ready to hit the road. Taking care of a house and yard has lost its appeal. Endlessly shelling out retirement dollars for home maintenance is getting pretty old.
Las ...
January 15, 201811:53 AM
Things to Do at Lake Mead - Boating, Hiking, Camping | Lori Ballen Team Connected by the Colorado River and stemming off of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead is more than 112 miles long when full, with almost 800 miles of shoreline and more than 500 feet at its greatest depth.
Lake Mead is ...
January 14, 201808:30 PM
The Dome LV | Downtown Container Park | Lori Ballen Team Dinosaurs. Helicopters. Pink Floyd. All part of the offering of The Dome at Downtown Container Park, the first of its kind theater in Las Vegas, NV.
Dinosaurs. Helicopters. Pink Floyd. All part of the offering of The Dome at Downtown ...
January 14, 201811:53 AM
Hoover Dam | Where it is, What it is, What it does| Lori Ballen Team Like Las Vegas itself, many might view Hoover Dam as a tourist trap. However, Hoover Dam is a marvel of American ingenuity and construction.
Hoover Dam is a marvel of American ingenuity and construction. The dam was constructed in the ...
January 13, 201808:30 PM
Flexibility of the LEED Certification Process | A basic challenge in developing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification was recognizing the complexity of environmental problems in building projects.
LEED does start with seven minimum requirements. If these aren't met, then certification will not be ...
January 13, 201811:53 AM
Create a Will when Buying a House. | Lori Ballen Team Keller Williams Buying a house? Congratulations! Now you get to do all sorts of exciting things, like choosing new curtains, planning the housewarming party, making a will… Yes, you read that correctly.
If you die without leaving a will, state law decides ...
January 12, 201808:30 PM
Moving Checklist & Timeline. What to do & When. - Lori Ballen Team Moving across town is a relatively simple matter. You just grab a few friends, pack up the car and enjoy a celebratory dinner in your new home. Things get a lot more complicated, however, when the move is across the ...
January 12, 201811:53 AM
Dog Parks in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV | - Lori Ballen Team Everyone knows that dog’s are Man’s best friend. With weather being so prime for outdoors almost every day of the year, dog parks are very popular here. Here’s a list of off leash dog parks and an interactive map for ...
January 11, 201808:30 PM
🏡 How to Prepare for your Home Appraisal | [Lori Ballen 2018] Most homeowners get nervous when it is time for an appraiser to inspect their property. After all, they are about to be judged for the appearance of their home.
he value of the home depends on more than the number ...

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9420 W. Sahara Ave, #100
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